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Welcomes you to Sillerygaon

Nestled amidst pine trees and forests, 'The Sillery Sojourn' is located on the topmost position of the village of Sillery Gaon. The vantage location of the cottages offer a magnificent view of the sunrise on the Kanchendzonga massiff lying on your bed as well as a bird's eye view of the entire village comprising of 30 families.
Floating clouds and big butterflies, the Vuvuzela like call of crickets during daytime and the chirping of birds all add an eerie feeling to the place. The salubrious climate of Sillery Gaon throughout the year is an invitation to de-stress and chill out.
'The Sillery Sojourn' caters to the need of guests wanting to experience the essence of home-stays in comfortable and cozy settings. Equipped with modern decor and best facilities, these cottages offer an unique opportunity for guests to savour the local flavours, taste local cuisines and enjoy nature at its sublime best.
Leisurely walks through the woods and its flora, visit to the quaint village to catch a glimpse of the lifestyle of the villagers and being pampered with the best of village hospitality are the blessings of staying at Sillery Sojourn. For the adventurous and the young at heart, gentle hikes to The Ramitey View point, The Damsang Fort, The Tinchuley View Point as well as the Silent Valley burns ones calories enough to raise the appetite for steaming Wai Wai noodles, Momos and Thuppas.
Whether you are a couple on honeymoon, or planning a family holiday, or a single traveler who simply wants to get away from all, we’ve got the perfect and pristine eco-resort vacation for you!
In fact, 'The Sillery Sojourn' is a paradise for honeymooners and those seeking solitude, serene environment and an inclination to savour natural beauty. "The Sillery Sojourn" is an India Beacons Sojourn initiative to promote eco-tourism and offer comfortable home stay to guests for that rare holiday experience with nature, adventure and warm hospitality.

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